0 Daily Devil


Be careful! Your willpower will be put to a hard test today! Rein Various temptations want to tempt you today to do something rash.

A buying or eating spree will not only harm your wallet, but you will also have a guilty conscience afterward.

Detailed Interpretation

The Devil Tarot Card confronts you with the dark aspects of your life and how they influence you. Instead of suppressing the dark sides, you should face them and look at them closely first.

Where do the desires for sinful behavior come from?

What feelings and needs are being satisfied by my dark side?

If you have found answers to these questions, you can try to transform the dark energy in you into something positive. That happens on the one hand by accepting your dark sides since they are part of being human.

On the other hand, there is always a positive counterpart to every dark side, which must be reactivated, like greed to generosity, jealousy to trust, lie to truth.

In a tarot Reading, The Devil can show us that we are very dependent on material wealth. Whether it is our car or home, wealth is considered a high-status symbol in our society.

But such materialism carries the danger that we make our whole life and self-worth dependent on money and possessions.

When we realize that deep satisfaction and fulfillment come from within ourselves and are independent of material possessions, we will be able to free ourselves from the shackles of materialism.

Inner, happiness-making values such as frugality, modesty and generosity can only arise from within ourselves and cannot be bought.

The Devil also stands for great willpower in a Tarot card reading. Concerning yourself, this means that you can enforce your will and your wishes on those around you.

Therefore, be careful not to harness your environment completely for your needs. Otherwise, other people will gradually turn away from you as soon as they see through that you harness them for your purposes.

Concerning other people, this means that someone is constantly imposing their will on you without considering your needs. Stand firm and free yourself from relationships that only focus on the well-being of the other one.

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