0 Daily Chariot


Today you are boldly going ahead with your plans. Nothing can stop you today on your way.

However, keep the reins firmly in your hand, so that you always have control over what is happening. This way you will reach your daily goals in no time.

Detailed Interpretation

The Chariot Tarot card indicates that determination is the key to achieving our goals. Many of our dreams seem far away and hardly attainable at the beginning.

We can reach our goals when we leave our ivory tower behind us. Do not be deterred by obstacles on your way, but see them as an opportunity to grow further beyond yourself.

The Chariot signals us to move forward courageously and not to look back. Then our path will be rich in experiences and lead us to a promising future.

The Chariot card is a sign of hard decisions we have to make in life right now. Instead of constantly weighing the pros and cons (represented as the two sphinxes on the card), just make a decision and take a direction.

Especially with difficult decisions in life, such as changing jobs, choosing a partner or moving house, there is no clear right or wrong. Rather, it is about moving forward in your life and taking a path.

Especially if the path to your goal is rocky and very convoluted, you can still learn the most through these challenges and grow from them, true to the saying: “The way is the goal.”

Furthermore, the Chariot Tarot card signals great dedication and sacrifice. The Warrior leaves his past life behind to explore the world and make his own way.

He also encourages you to make great sacrifices for your dreams and desires, such as a new house or a career change, so that they can come true.

That includes needing a certain amount of control in your lives. Therefore, plan your projects in a structured way and with foresight. Remove as many obstacles as possible on your path in advance.

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